12 Bars & Lounges on Carnival’s Mardi Gras [PHOTOS]

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It’s no secret to any Carnival fan that the cruise line’s ships are filled with fun bars and lounges featuring different themes and menu items.

The brand’s newest ship, Mardi Gras, is no exception to this fact!

Not only will loyal cruisers find some of the bars they already know and love, like the Alchemy Bar and Havana Bar, but they’ll also be able to enjoy new ones, including the Fortune Teller Bar and The Brass Magnolia.

The familiar RedFrog Rum Bar? It’s somewhat been replaced. Instead, there’s a two-story, grand version: the RedFrog Tiki Bar.

Without further ado, let’s jump into what you came here for: photos of the bars and lounges on Carnival Cruise Line’s newest and largest ship, Mardi Gras.

1. Center Stage Bar

First up? One of the two atrium bars, of course! Center Stage Bar is located on deck 6 and is filled with plenty of seating and tables.

center stage bar mardi gras
Center Stage Bar

2. Grand View Bar

Next is another atrium bar up one story on deck 7 called Grand View Bar. It definitely has some grand features and is the perfect welcome for passengers as they step onto the ship for the first time.

Between Center Stage Bar and Grand View Bar, you won’t go thirsty if you’re looking for a beverage in the Grand Central atrium!

grand view bar mardi gras
Grand View Bar

3. Fortune Teller Bar

Next up is The Fortune Teller Bar, a brand new one for Carnival.

fortune teller bar mardi gras
Fortune Teller Bar

As you can see, there’s plenty of seating available, and check out all of those mirrors!

fortune teller bar mardi gras
Fortune Teller Bar

4. RedFrog Tiki Bar

Next, let’s head up to a reimagined favorite — the RedFrog Tiki Bar. If you’ve cruised Carnival anytime in recent years, you’ll be familiar with the RedFrog Rum Bar. This is a (very) expanded version of that!

mardi gras maiden voyage trip report
RedFrog Tiki Bar

This is the view out onto the lido deck from the tiki bar’s second story. I don’t know about you, but I could definitely spend an hour or two with this view during a sea day!

view from redfrog tiki bar
RedFrog Tiki Bar

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5. Alchemy Bar

Below is a venue you likely know and love — Alchemy Bar!

mardi gras alchemy bar
Alchemy Bar

6. Havana Bar

The Cuba-inspired Havana Bar is a great place to spend an evening and enjoy lively music from a little stage.

havana bar mardi gras
Havana Bar

Here’s another shot from the Havana Bar.

havana bar mardi gras
Havana Bar

7. Guy’s Pig & Anchor

Not only is Guy’s Pig & Anchor a barbecue restaurant, but it’s also a brewery and a bar. Pull up a stool and try a beer brewed right on board, or order one of the venue’s delicious cocktails.

guy's pig and anchor barbecue smokehouse mardi gras bar
The bar at Guy’s Pig & Anchor Smokehouse | Brewhouse

8. The Brass Magnolia

Another new bar for Carnival is The Brass Magnolia, and it’s magazine-worthy stunning!

mardi gras brass magnolia
The Brass Magnolia

9. Heroes Tribute Bar

It’s no secret that Carnival Cruise Line is a big supporter of those serving in or retired from the military.

Slowly, the line has been replacing its SkyBox Sports Bar with the Heroes Tribute Lounge — a space that’s all about the heroes who have served their country in the armed forces. And don’t worry, it’s still the spot where you can catch a game on TV.

P.S. We highly recommend attending the military appreciation gathering during your cruise — whether you are/were in the military or not!

heroes tribute bar mardi gras
Heroes Tribute Bar

10. Bar Della Rosa

Mardi Gras is divided into zones, much like Royal Caribbean’s Oasis-class ships, which are divided into neighborhoods. This is the first time Carnival has divided up a ship into themed areas like that.

One of them is the Italian-themed La Piazza, which includes a pizzeria and specialty Italian restaurant. It also includes a new bar for the cruise line: Bar Della Rosa, which serves espresso drinks by day and Italian cocktails by night.

bar della rosa
Bar Della Rosa

11. The Watering Hole

Next, we have The Watering Hole, which is part of the ship’s Summer Landing zone. This bar is located on deck 8 and serves a variety of cocktails and beers, including some that are brewed onboard.

the watering hole bar carnival cruise mardi gras
The Watering Hole

12. Piano Bar 88

A Carnival ship just wouldn’t be a cruise ship without a piano bar! Piano Bar 88 is a great place to settle in just to listen or to sing along, and be sure to make a request if you have a particular song you want to hear! Why the “88?” Because there are 88 keys on a piano, of course!

piano bar mardi gras
Piano Bar 88

Thanks for coming along for our photo tour of the bars and lounges aboard Carnival’s Mardi Gras!

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