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When Celebrity Cruises launched Celebrity Edge, the first ship in the brand-new Edge Class intrigued guests and fans with not only the big orange Magic Carpet, but a new multi-purpose space called Eden.

celebrity cruises edge aerial
(Photo courtesy of Celebrity Cruises)

The three-story venue is very nature-inspired, with plant life everywhere and tons of sunlight from the windows that span from the bottom floor all the way to the ceiling.

It houses a casual café, a bar with a “Library of Plants” that mixologists use in cocktails, a sit-down restaurant in the evenings, and plenty of lounge seating. There’s also a dance floor and nighttime entertainment.

When the ship first launched in 2018, Eden had a different vibe and feel, with characters called Edenists that would come out and give you a tour of the land (venue). That has been toned down and space is now used for creative (almost magical) drinks, relaxation, and live music.

Photo Tour of Eden on Celebrity Edge

Just walking in and looking up towards the ceiling gives you an idea of the vibe Celebrity was going for with Eden. Green panels and hanging plants give the space dimension and interest.

eden celebrity edge

The shot below gives you a good idea of the bottom floor where the restaurant is, as well as a piano, lounge seating, and the little dance floor above.

celebrity edge eden

This is a similar photo as the one above, but you get an even better idea of how Eden is layered. You can also see the Eden Bar with the Library of Plants behind the dance floor.

eden celebrity edge

Here’s a close-up look at the Eden Bar. The cocktails here are just about as fresh as they can be, and you’ve probably never sipped anything like them before. Cocktails have names such as Shaman, Garden, Fig, and Village. Intriguing, right?

eden bar library of plants

Here are some cocktails you can get at the Eden Bar.

eden cocktail

eden bar cocktails

This one comes in a box filled with smoke!

eden bar cocktail

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A wide-angle shot really encompasses the huge space that is Eden.

eden celebrity edge

Here’s another wide-angle from across the room.

eden celebrity edge

Even the wall has plants growing out of it. It’s a modern jungle in here!

eden celebrity edge

If you were worried about whether there was window-side seating aside from the tables for the restaurant, worry not. There are plenty of places to sit and watch the ocean roll by while enjoying a coffee or cocktail (we’re sure they wouldn’t mind if you turned the chairs around!).

eden celebrity edge windows

Here’s the wake you’ll see out the window from this spot!

celebrity edge eden

Eden has a 300-foot ramp enveloping the space enabling guests to wander on a journey of discovery, with cozy nooks and crannies for relaxing along the path. These colorful hanging egg chairs are another seating option for enjoying the ocean views.

eden hanging chairs

The Eden Café — there are plenty of light options here for breakfast and lunch.

celebrity edge eden cafe

And finally, here’s a seating area to give you an idea of the different options available in Eden.

celebrity edge eden

We hope you enjoyed this little photo tour of Eden on Celebrity Edge!

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15 photos of eden on celebrity edge

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