You Could Pay 67% More for Wi-Fi on Your Next Cruise

It’ll now cost more to check your Facebook on Princess Cruises. On January 22, the cruise line raised the price of its MedallionNet internet package on its cruise ships, with one package nearly doubling in price.

Four highspeed starlink internet security routers on the deck of a cruise ship.

Meanwhile, the higher rates for purchasing your internet package onboard will start on January 31.

Passengers who want internet access for one device during the entire cruise will pay the most significant increase. Previously available for $14.99 per day, the new daily rate is now 67% higher at $24.99.

If you’re paying for one day and one device, the daily price is 50% more, from $19.00 to $29.99. 

For $44.99 a day, four devices can connect to Princess’ onboard Wi-Fi for the entire voyage, 13% more than the old rate of $39.99. Those who need single-day access for up to 4 devices will pay $54.99, marking a 38% increase from the former daily rate of $39.99.

Number of Devices, DurationOld Prices (Daily)New Prices (Daily)Percentage Increase
1 device, full voyage$14.99$24.9967%
1 device, single day$19.99$29.9950%
4 devices, full voyage$39.99$44.9913%
4 devices, single day$39.99$54.9938%

The announcement makes Princess one of the few cruise lines increasing its prices despite cheaper and faster internet services courtesy of Starlink. Princess is using the higher internet rates to encourage more guests to buy bundled packages.

Royal princess aerial view
(Photo via Princess Cruises)

Their letter reads, “…there is no change to the price of Princess Plus and Princess Premier, meaning that our fare bundles are now an even greater value for your clients!”

Princess Plus can be had for $60 per day, while Princess Premier and its slightly longer list of benefits are priced at a daily rate of $80. In addition to unlimited Wi-Fi, these bundles offer perks like beverage packages, free fitness classes, photo packages, and priority seating during shows.  

Sister company Carnival Cruise Line also introduced Wi-Fi price increases last December, though the fee change was not as steep.

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