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Chris Williams, known as The Flying Scotsman, is leaving his role as Carnival Cruise Line’s cruise director after 12 years to become a Fleet Cruise Director.

Chris on Carnival Celebration
Chris on Carnival Celebration in early 2023. (CRUISE RADIO)

On Wednesday afternoon, he announced his new position on his YouTube channel, stating he would start next week.

Famous for his lively parties and energetic shows in the atrium, Chris said he accepted the promotion to look ahead and secure his family’s future.

Family Feud on Mardi Gras
Chris hosting Family Feud on Mardi Gras in 2021. (CRUISE RADIO)

Carnival’s Fleet Cruise Director Position

Chris will join former cruise director alum Mike Pack (who brought out Carnival’s Mardi Gras) and Chris ‘Donkey’ Salazar (Mardi Gras, Liberty and Horizon).

As Fleet Cruise Director, Chris will oversee various Carnival ships and work closely with other Cruise Directors and the Fun Squad to ensure smooth operations and high-quality entertainment.

The Fleet Cruise Director position is not to be confused with the Entertainment Director. The Entertainment Director is an onboard position that works alongside the Cruise Director to cover more back-of-house admin. The Fleet Cruise Director position is more of a traveling shoreside position.

Chris Williams Youtube

Chris closed his seven-minute YouTube video by saying, “Being a Fleet Cruise Director is a very proud moment for me, from starting off with a company all those years ago as a production vocalist to then moving into Playlist Productions, and then getting my opportunity as a cruise director and now sitting here today in 2023 as a Fleet Cruise Director. It’s a very special moment.”

Chris ended with, “Thank you. Thank you so much. Take care of yourselves and each other, and I look forward to seeing you all in the future.”

Watch The Flying Scotsman Farewell Speech [VIDEO]

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