Carnival Tests ‘Digital Debark’ System on Select Cruise Ships

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Carnival Cruise Line is piloting a new check-out process to simplify disembarking the ship on the final day, with the Carnival Hub App playing a major role.

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Carnival’s brand ambassador, John Heald said on his Facebook page, “I wanted to let you know that we are rolling out a new debarkation system for those guests who put their luggage outside of their cabin door and want to choose what time they will disembark.”

How does Digital Debark work?

Carnival Digital Debark

Instead of picking up zone tags for their luggage, guests can indicate a debarkation time via the app and list the number of bags to be placed outside the stateroom.

Tags will then be delivered directly to guests. They can still use the self-assist debarkation option and carry their luggage off the ship themselves.

Diamond, Platinum, Faster to the Fun and Suite guests will still receive special tags with priority debarkation as normal.   

No smartphone, no problem

Guests who prefer not to use the app or do not have a smartphone can follow the traditional debarkation process and retrieve their tags.

The debarkation talk will still be held on the last full day of the cruise for passengers with questions about the new process.

Multiple ships are testing

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Digital Debark is being tested on Carnival Spirit, Carnival Conquest, Carnival Dream, and Carnival Elation. According to Carnival Cruise Line Brand Ambassador John Heald, it will be rolled out on more ships over time, adding additional features if necessary.

Heald says the ultimate aim is to phase out the need to collect luggage tags and make the process smoother. Further updates and information about the Digital Debark system will be shared in the future.

Initial reports are that the new debarkation process is generally efficient, with scheduled timings to reduce passenger congestion.

It should be noted that wait times for passengers leaving the ship can be unpredictable due to factors beyond the cruise line’s control, such as immigration and passport control.

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