Carnival’s Steakhouse Change!

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Sometimes, spilling a secret can get you into a bit of hot water. That was certainly the case where a post from John Heald, Carnival Cruise Line’s popular senior cruise director, was concerned this week!

“While we don’t really advertise it,” he said on Facebook, “we are seeing that now and then some families like to bring younger children to the steakhouse. And so we have now decided that we will have a children’s menu for which there is a charge of $10.” He then filled followers in on what the menu included before asking, “Would you bring your children to the steakhouse?” and asking for thoughts.

Well, be careful what you ask for!

Cruisers To Carnival: No Kids!

By Tuesday evening, over 1,000 people had weighed in on the topic, with a vast majority making it clear that they were not in favor of this particular innovation. “The steakhouse should be an adult venue only,” wrote Susan Richardson. “We like to go there for a quiet dinner and enjoy ourselves. We love kids, but feel the whole experience would be ruined [by] unruly children.”

Connie Alvord Stebbins agreed. “I have kids, I love kids, but until you start offering some adult-only cruises, there need to be places of peace and quiet,” she wrote.

Others felt that the $10 price would serve to encourage people to bring their children, suggesting that kids should pay the full price as a way of at least making parents think twice. “When they are old enough to eat what is on the adult menu,” declared Shella McLuskey, “they are old enough to eat in the steakhouse.”

Added Lynn Richardson, “If it is cheap, more kids will come. Then it will just be another loud restaurant onboard [leaving] nowhere for adults to enjoy a great meal.

Not Everyone Agrees

While most people weren’t thrilled with the idea — and many cited that “even Disney Cruises” offer adults-only options — there were those who didn’t see a problem. And others pointed out that even before the existence of a kid’s menu, many passengers brought their children to the venue. Missy Eby said that taking her children to nice restaurants was “how we have taught them the art of treating their future spouses, and the appreciation of excellent food/service.”

Carl Reinhardt posted to suggest that people complaining about the lack of child-free zones should “find an adults-only cruise. We cruise as a family and if we choose to eat at the steakhouse as a family, then it is our choice. We cruise Carnival because they are so kid friendly.”

In case you’re wondering, the adult price in the steakhouse is $35.

What’s your take? Should Carnival allow children to dine in the steakhouse? Does having a kid’s menu open the floodgates to families who might not ordinarily have chosen this option? Will this impact whether or not you dine in the steakhouse on your next cruise?

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