Carnival Vista Recognized for Eco-Friendly Design

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Lloyd’s Register has bestowed quite an honor upon Carnival Vista… the coveted “ECO Notation” designation.  The line’s newest ship is the first of their fleet to achieve the distinction.

Lloyd’s Register has a set of standards that vessels can seek to achieve that exceed the regulations of several national and international agencies, and ships seeking the notation must comply with LR’s rules that govern design and construction process.  The honor means that Carnival Vista was built, designed, and operates in a manner that exceeds current maritime environment regulations.

The ship was specifically engineered to reduce emissions, and meets current regulations for nitrous oxide and sulfur oxide discharges.  It also has Carnival’s first Intelligent Power Management System installed, which optimizes diesel engine settings to reduce emissions, and conserve fuel.  Vista also houses a steam-turbine generator that recovers excess steam produced by the exhaust gas boilers.

Other systems aboard the ship designed to reduce environmental impacts include LED lighting around the vessel and a ballast water treatment system.

Lloyd’s Register will run surveys and audits periodically of Carnival Vista‘s operations to make sure the ship continues to comply with its ECO Rules and maintains its environmental notation.

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