Cruise News Today — November 8, 2022 [VIDEO]

Bermuda Government Ditching Travel Form Sooner Than Planned

The Bermuda government will be ditching its travel authorization form and associated $40 fee sooner than planned. Instead of being removed on November 30th, the process will now end on November 13th.

This also means that visitors to Bermuda will no longer need to provide proof of vaccination or medical insurance.

Starting November 14th, the country will reinstate the Bermuda Arrival Card, which is an online form that visitors fill out to present to immigration. The Arrival Card is free and does not go through any kind of approval process.

This past spring, the Bermuda government rejected a call to end the authorization process early, saying that it needed the money generated by the fee. Revenue from the fee was estimated at $22 million for the 2022 fiscal year.

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Princess Rolling Out New Dining Experience

Princess Cruises is rolling out an immersive visual dining experience on Discovery and Enchanted Princess. 360: An Extraordinary Experience allows guests to embark on a culinary adventure using all five senses. It includes a seven course meal featuring wines from each destination that’s showcased.

The circular LED walled venue holds 20 guests, and the experience will happen twice each night. 360 is invitation-only — it will be primarily be available to guests booked in suites and those who book a future cruise in a suite through the Princess Premier package.

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Cruise Planners is Now Selling Trips to Space

Want to go to space? The Cruise Planners travel agency is now selling trips.

The company announced it will be offering trips to the edge of space through a company called Space Perspective in 2025 and 2027. The agency has reserved two capsules on the Spaceship Neptune, which is being touted as the most accessible and safe spacecraft on earth.

After you load up, the 360 degree view Spaceship Neptune will be lifted to space slowly by a SpaceBalloon, instead of experiencing a blastoff. The capsule will hold eight passengers and a pilot, and include a bar, telescope, and high-speed wifi.

A ticket for the six-hour journey costs just north of $100,000 per person.

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