3 Useful Things to Pack for Your Cruise

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There are many useful things to pack for your cruise!

While packing for any trip requires some planning, deciding the particular items to pack for a cruise vacation can be challenging.

Unlike other vacations, cruise vacations are quite different since you spend most of your time on a moving vessel.

So if you forget particular stuff at home, it would be almost impossible to find them aboard the ship.

Another major challenge is the limited storage space in your cruise ship cabin.


Before going on your cruise, you must properly plan and ensure you pack everything you’ll need for your trip; otherwise, you’ll end up having an incomplete vacation.

If you’ve been looking to sail on the best Disney cruise ships or a boutique expedition cruise ship, you should choose one with spacious cabins to accommodate all your items without feeling or looking cluttered.

Here are 3 useful things to pack for your cruise:

1. A portable fan

A portable fan, considered one of the useful things to pack for your cruise
A portable fan (Tony Webster from Minneapolis, Minnesota, United StatesCC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

Most cabins don’t have ceiling fans. This can make your cruise vacation uncomfortable, especially when sailing in warmer places or during the summer.

Even with air-conditioned cabins, you may find that the air coming in isn’t strong enough to circulate throughout the cabin.

As such, you should consider packing a portable fan compact enough to fit in your backpack yet powerful enough to blow air around your room.

The white noise from the fan can also help drown out any external noise while you sleep.

2. Outlet adapter

Realizing your phone or laptop is dead in the middle of the ocean is terrible without means of charging either of them is terrible.

You might encounter this in cruise ships’ staterooms equipped with different electrical outlets you usually use.

Additionally, outlet space can be limited in a small cruise room. Since you’ll want to use your smartphone, laptop, nightlight, and straightener, you must carry a reliable adapter with different outlets, including Asian, European, Australian, and the US.

The adapter will also extend the number of plugs, ensuring you can charge all your devices at the same time.

3. Magnetic hooks

With most cruise ship cabins measuring only 160 square feet, making the most out of the limited space is incredibly important.

The best way to optimize your storage space in a cruise cabin is by using magnetic hooks to hang some of your items on the walls.

The walls and ceiling are often made of metal, so you can attach the hooks just about anywhere.

You can use the hooks for hanging wet gear and bathing suits for them to dry.

They can also come in handy for holding boots and bulky coats, especially if you’re sailing to a colder region.

Magnetic hooks cost only a few bucks, so you won’t spend much to keep your cabin tidy and organized on a cruise.

Final Thoughts

A cruise vacation isn’t like any other holiday since you can’t easily access shops to purchase anything you’ve forgotten.

Planning can make all the difference because it ensures you carry everything you need for an unforgettable cruising experience.

Don’t forget the above useful things to pack for your cruise!

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