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How to Monitor Cruise Price Drops



IMG_8635I’ve been a fan of ShipMate App for several years. Creator Mike Jirout and brother Jan developed this app for his family to keep track of each other and feed their cruising addiction.

That turned it into current day ShipMate App, a cruise app that has exceeded a million downloads. That’s huge!

What is ShipMate App?

ShipMate is a smartphone app available on both iPhone and Android. The app has deck maps, ship info, packing checklists, roll calls, a chat feature, ship locator, ship galleries, deck cams, a ship rating system – and now a price drop watch.

Price Drop Watch

Recently ShipMate App revealed a price drop feature that alerts cruisers when their cruise fare drops. It doesn’t matter if you’re already booked or looking to book.

Other services out there charge fees, this one is 100% free.

Pretty cool feature, right? See the screen shot above.

How It Works

Just launch ShipMate App (free download) and select your upcoming cruise. From there you can check the category cabin you have and check the box to be notified of price drops. You will get notified by email anytime the price drops or rises over one percent. You’ll never overpay for your cruise again.

ShipMate is presented by, so you can use the price drop feature on that site as well. You just have to have an account with cruiseline, and then on your profile, you can choose to “add a price alert” on the righthand side of the page. It will ask you for the cruise line, ship, sailing month, and specific cruise you want to track, and all you have to do is add it. Simple!

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Why Should You Use?

1. Save Money 

Mike told me within the first week that the feature was live a cruiser saved $900 on her sailing. This is an awesome. Lets be honest, the cruise line isn’t going to tell you if/when your cruise rate drops.

2. Let Your Friends Know

When the price drops there’s a feature on the fare watch screen and let them know that the price has dropped for your cruise.

3. No Smartphone Required 

If you don’t have a smart phone you can go access this by going to the website and selecting your cruise on the home page. You can set a price alert there.

Final Thoughts

One of the questions I had is what about buying your cruise direct from the cruise line – can you enter the price you paid? No.

But you know what you paid, so by setting an alert you’ll get notified of price drops. Then you can call them and advise them of the price drop. What they say is up to them but you might score yourself an upgrade, onboard credit or cash back.

The app is available on the App Store, Google Play, and Amazon Appstore for Android.  And as said before, you can always forego needing a smartphone altogether and just use the price drop feature on your laptop or desktop computer via

You can find more about ShipMate App and detailed screen shots here.

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