April 20, 2014

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Why Take a Repositioning Cruise?

Why would I take a repositioning cruise? Because there isn't big demand for cruising the fjords in January, your ship that spent the summer in Scandinavia might find more profitable waters in the eastern Caribbean during the colder months. Alaskan cruise liners might winter in San Diego, a base from which to explore the Mexican Riviera as Sitka shivers.  Come spring, the process … [Read More...]

Podcast: Explorer of the Seas Review, Bermuda + Cruise News

Listener Janet Heaton gives her review of Royal Caribbean's Voyager-class cruise ships Explorer of the Seas. Janet just returned from a five-night Bermuda sailing from Bayonne, NJ. Janet gives her review of Explorer of the Seas, the dining, entertainment and what to do in Bermuda. Stewart Chiron, The Cruise Guy® stops by with Cruise News: Carnival LIVE first sailing was a … [Read More...]

Orient Beach, St. Maarten. Photo: wiki

5 Clothing Optional Beaches in the Caribbean

Sometimes things in the Caribbean can get spicy - and no, we're not talking about the food this time. There are some places in the Caribbean where the heat isn't just due to the hot weather. Tucked away on different islands are what we'd call Rated 'R' beaches. For the daring and not faint of heart, check out these 5 beaches if you're looking for a little more adventure in your next port … [Read More...]


How Do I Know What Cruise Line to Pick?

Listener question: How do I know what cruise line to pick?  The cruise line you choose is another important factor to consider when picking your cruise.   The cruise ship is your hotel, restaurant and entertainment for your whole vacation. It is a package deal that is different from a traditional vacation. You’ll want to spend some time and do your research to make sure you pick … [Read More...]

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Travel Insurance — What You Should Know

What is travel insurance?  Often referred to as trip cancellation insurance, but most policies do more than protect you if your vacation is cancelled.  Policies are sold that will refund your losses if you have to cancel your cruise beyond the time you could get a full refund from the cruise line.  They can also offer protection if a delay causes you to miss the ship.  Policies may … [Read More...]