Carnival Horizon Deck Plans

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Things To Love About Deck 1: This one’s all cabins, all the time… and as an added bonus, there’s nothing but cabins above you, as well. Which means no worrying about winding up beneath a bar that stays open past your bedtime!

Reasons Deck 1 Might Not Be Right For You: Not everybody loves being so far removed from the action, or so many decks down. Also, this deck is going to primarily mean inside rooms. So those wanting a balcony will want to move up a few decks!

Things To Love About Deck 2: This is the home to Carnival’s Family Harbor rooms and their accompanying lounge, which will be a big draw for many! There’s nothing but staterooms beneath you, meaning no worries about sounds coming up through your floor. As an added bonus, if you need to deal with the Shore Excursions desk or Guest Services, they’re located only one flight up. And while some staterooms are below either a restaurant or the lobby bar, it’s hard to imagine this proving problematic for most passengers.

Reasons Deck 2 Might Not Be Right For You: Just as the Family Harbor area will be attractive to many passengers, it will be the last area those looking to avoid kids will want to be booking!

Things To Love About Deck 3: This is where we start getting into the action-packed areas of the ship. You’ll find one of the main dining rooms on this level, as well as the lobby bar, the Shore Excursions desk and Guest Services. There aren’t a lot of cabins located here, which could in and of itself be appealing to some.

Reasons Deck 3 Might Not Be Right For You: Be warned… most of the cabins on this particular deck will be located directly beneath the Liquid Lounge, which could mean disturbances based on events taking place there.
Things To Love About Deck 4: If you’re looking for the casino, you’ve found it! This is also where you’ll find a few restaurants and lounges, the fun shops and the art gallery, as well as the lower promenade if you want to take an evening stroll.

Reasons Deck 4 Might Not Be Right For You: Where there’s a casino, there’s smoke, and not everyone loves that!

Things To love About Deck 5: Welcome to the promenade! This is where you’ll find entertainment venues like the piano and Alchemy bars, eateries like Fahrenheit 555 Steakhouse and Bonsai Sushi, and the photo gallery. The real draw here is the Havana Bar and its outdoor area.

Reasons Deck 5 Might Not Be Right For You: Hmmm… it’s hard to imagine anyone having an issue with this deck, given how many great options there are to do just about anything one might want to do while on a cruise! That said, the Havana Bar can get a bit raucous at night, so those who believe there actually is such a thing as too much fun might want to avoid it after dark!

Things To Love About Deck 6: Talk about close to the action! You’re only one floor above Ocean Plaza, the Alchemy Bar (probably our favorite spot for adult beverages), the Havana Bar and more!  Plus, if you have teens, the Circle C and Warehouse Video Arcade are located on deck 6, meaning they can go hang out in their own space without being too far the cabin!

Reasons Deck 6 Might Not Be For You: As we mentioned, there are several great entertainment venues only one deck below… which can be a plus or a minus, depending on your interests as well as the time of day. If you intend to dance the night away at the Havana Bar, you won’t mind having a cabin directly above it. However, if you want to make an early night of it, some of the cabins located directly above the hoppin’ spot might not be ideal! Also, the Imax theater is located one floor above, so it might be worth checking the deck plan to make sure you’re not too close to the movie theater!

Things To Love About Deck 7: Cabin wise, this might well be considered the ship’s “sweet spot.” There’s a wide variety of cabin types available, plus it is sandwiched between two decks featuring only cabins.

Reasons Deck 7 Might Not Be Right For You: Given how much foot traffic it will likely attract, it might be wise to avoid the rooms nearest this floor’s Imax theater!

Things To Love About Deck 8: With a wide variety of cabins to choose from, as well as the fact that you’re only two floors below the lido deck, this could be the perfect spot.

Reasons Deck 8 Might Not Be right For You: As with deck 7, it might be worth avoiding cabins near the Imax theater to avoid the foot traffic the attraction is sure to draw at all hours.

Things To Love About Deck 9: Want quick and easy access to what’s likely the most popular area of the ship? This deck might be for you, given that it’s only a quick staircase away from the Lido deck!

Reasons Deck 9 Might Not Be Right For You: Did we mention you’re only one staircase away from the Lido deck? This means there’s going to be a whole lot of activity going on above you at pretty much all hours of the day and night!

Things To Love About Deck 10: The forward section of the Lido deck offers a selection of cabins which might be perfect for people who don’t want to be too far away from the pools, buffet and other offerings just down the hallway.

Reasons Deck 10 Might Not Be Right For You: Some folks like being close to the action, while others might want to avoid exactly that. The Lido deck has much to offer in the way of food and entertainment, but it as with the pool area of any ship, it can get pretty crowded and, often, be very noisy!

Things To Love About Deck 11: Two of our favorite eateries can be found here… Jiji’s Asian Kitchen and Cuchina Del Capitano. This is also the home of Dr. Seuss’ Bookville and Club Ocean, so your kids are definitely going to wind up spending some time here!

Reasons Deck 11 Might Not be Right For You: Folks who pick a cabin on this deck are almost sure to find themselves encountering a lot of young ‘uns in the hallways, given that several popular children’s attractions are located here!

Things To Love About Deck 12: This is the deck that puts the “fun” in “fun ships” thanks to the waterworks area, slides and of course the Skyride, which is as popular as it is innovative. This is also the place to kick back and catch a flick at the Carnival Seaside Theater, which is even more fun at night, under the moonlit sky! Wander to the front of the ship, and you’ll find the Cloud 9 Spa (as well as some of the Cloud 9 Spa cabins) and the fitness center.

Reasons Deck 12 Might Not Be Right For You: Not everybody wants to pay the extra money for a Spa cabin. Heck, many people never even find their way to the spa itself during the trips! The areas around the water park can get pretty crazy at times.

Things To Love About Deck 15: We can sum up everything you need to know about this area with one word: Serenity. This adults-only oasis offers a bar, hot tubs, lots of loungers… pretty much everything that makes life worth living.

Reasons Deck 15 Might Not Be Right For You: Honestly, if you can’t find happiness here, you might be incapable of finding it at all!

Carnival Horizon deck plan

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