How Do Cruise Lines Accommodate Food Allergies?

An estimated 15 million Americans have some type of food allergy, with even more adhering to dietary limitations, like being gluten-free or vegan. The Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) looked into how cruise lines so easily accommodate a variety of restrictions. “There has never been more culinary options available on cruise ships, and this includes […]

Hollywood Icon Sets Sail on Queen Mary 2

cruise queen mary 2

Famed film director, screenwriter, and producer Francis Ford Coppola left on an 8-night transatlantic crossing aboard Queen Mary 2 at the end of last month. During the voyage, the three-time Academy Award Winner had a relaxing time at sea with his wife, Eleanor.  “Beautiful voyage,” he said when he disembarked in England. “Everyone was so gracious and […]

11 Ways to Battle Seasickness on a Cruise

Being seasick is a horrible feeling; only thing worse is being seasick when on vacation. Here is a list of ways to prevent that nauseating feeling, or help ease up the symptoms when there are especially rocky seas. 1. Location Where your stateroom is on a ship can play a role in how much rocking […]

Carnival Donates Ecstasy’s Old Dinnerware

Guests aboard Carnival Ecstasy have been enjoying all-new dinnerware, and the cruise line made sure the old was put to good use. Last month, Carnival donated boxes of plates, bowls, cups, and saucers used in the ship’s dining rooms to five local charities in the Charleston area, where the ship is based.  Programs that received the dishes […]