7 Excuses for Not Buying Travel Insurance

Travel insurance was created for a reason. When I talk to someone going on a trip, the first thing I ask them is if they bought travel insurance. Unfortunately, the answer is usually a no, followed by plenty of excuses on why they think they don’t need it. Here are seven of the best excuses […]

7 Things Everyone Knows About Nassau

Depending on who you ask, a trip to Nassau could either be a way to check out sights only seen in the islands or an excuse to stay on the ship. Regardless of what you choose to do, here are seven things everyone knows about Nassau. 1. Atlantis is there It’s that big castle-looking building […]

7 Things Locals Think (But Won’t Say) About Cruisers

You have to wonder what’s going through a local’s mind when they see thousands of cruise passengers pile off a cruise ship and flood their port. The economic boost is great, but what do the residents think when they see a tidal wave of cruise guests storming the pier like the beaches of Normandy? Here […]

Cruise Parking Cost By Port

To save you the stress of researching how much it’ll cost to keep your car safe during your cruise, we’ve compiled a list of cruise parking prices by each port. Florida Miami: $22 per night Tampa: $15 per night Jacksonville: $17 per night Port Everglades: $15 per night Port Canaveral: $17 per night Canada  Montreal: […]

7 Rules for Cruise Ship Elevators

I just returned from a cruise where I stayed on deck one – the very bottom. Sure, the first day I was all about taking the stairs up to deck nine for food or deck five for drinks, but after 48 hours, my legs were killing me! That’s when I started taking the elevator. It […]

5 Options for Health-Conscious Cruisers

Most of us try to live as healthy of a lifestyle as possible, and being at sea shouldn’t be an exception to that! More and more, cruise lines are going the way of the health-conscious by designing everything from their menus to fitness programs to help cruisers stay healthy. Some even enlist the help of […]

7 Things to Double Check on Cruise Day

One of the most exciting days in a cruiser’s life is embarkation day. The countdown has been ticking for what seems like ages and now, the day is finally here! However, before the lines are cast off the ship and you’re plying Caribbean waters, make sure you have all your bases covered. Here are 7 […]

6 Secret Cruise Ship Decks

We all love the thrill of secrets, right? Most people don’t know that even cruise ships have secrets of their own; some that aren’t even hidden on purpose! One of the most fun is their secret decks.  While they aren’t kept a “secret”- per se – these decks and hallways are located in places that aren’t […]

Cruise Ship Workers Targeted By Scam

Potential cruise ship workers are being warned about a scam that is specifically targeting them and taking advantage of their desire to land a job on the high seas. How Cruise Workers Are Being Scammed It’s no secret that many of the hardest working people on cruise ships make the least money, at least by […]