Alaska Cruise Guest Count To Top 1 Million

For the first time since 2009, Alaska is poised to welcome over a million cruise visitors to their beautiful state. The surge in passenger numbers comes, even as Carnival Corporation and Royal Caribbean Cruises reported price increases for their Alaska itineraries.  For a while, Alaska cruise tourism was slowing down.  Guest numbers have rebounded from […]

Princess Survey Says: Americans Need More Sleep

According to Princess Cruises’ seventh annual Relaxation Report, Americans are using their valuable vacation time for things that aren’t always vacation.  Boring things like running errands and yes, catching up on sleep.  72 percent of working Americans take at least one day off annually to sleep, and 40 percent take a full work week off […]

Debit Hold Amounts by Cruise Line

multiple ships in nassau bahamas

To help you gauge how much money the cruise line will pre-authorize from your debit or credit card, we made a list of each cruise line. These are answers the cruise line gave me either by calling, or through their website. Carnival Pre-authorization hold: This goes for both credit cards and debit cards – Initial hold […]

The Truth About Those Expensive Drink Packages

Ready for a little riddle? When is the cost of a drink package not really about the cost of a drink package? When that drink package is offered as a popular perk. Then, it becomes more about the sales pitch than it does the actual package being purchased. Why The Package Can Be Pricey Looking at the […]