Royal Caribbean Talks Cruises, Testing, Ship Sales and More

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The news coming out of Royal Caribbean Group’s earnings call was a mixed bag, with little firm information available regarding their return to sailing but proved positive emerging that their audience will be there when it’s time. Next Summer Could Be Big For Cruising “To date,” said Royal’s chief financial officer, Jason T. Liberty, “we […]

Holland America Line Cancels Sailings Through December 15

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Holland America Line announced on Tuesday afternoon that they’d be cancelling sailings through December 15, 2020. This includes voyages from the Caribbean, Mexico, Panama Canal and Australia. The company said in a statement, “With the continuation of travel and port restrictions due to global health concerns, Holland America Line is extending its pause of cruise […]

17 Ghostly Images Of A Former Royal Caribbean Ship at Scrapyard

It has only been a couple of weeks since the former Royal Caribbean ship Sovereign of the Seas arrived at the shipyard in Aliaga, Turkey scrapyard, already, workers are beginning the process of deconstructing what remains of the legendary vessel. Once the largest ship in the world, Sovereign of the Seas now lays helpless on […]

Unpopular Opinion: It’s Time To Cancel The 2020 Cruise Season

I know that suggesting we cancel the rest of the 2020 cruise season seems, on the surface, like a monstrous suggestion. But before sharpening your pitchforks and firing up the torches, hear me out. Because I truly believe that doing so would be in the best interest of both the cruise industry and the millions […]