Norwegian Cruise Line Explains Lack of Cancellation Update

Norwegian Epic

Although Norwegian Cruise Line had promised that they would provide an update on cancellations at the end of each month, no such news came at the end of August. Now, they are explaining why, and it would appear to be good news. “We Remain Optimistic” In a note to travel partners, Norwegian reiterated that their […]

Carnival Cruise Line Releases Mardi Gras Sneak Peek [Photos]

carnival cruise line mardi gras

Cruise lovers needing something to look forward to got it when Carnival Cruise Line released new details and pictures of Mardi Gras. Although the ship won’t actually welcome guests until early next year, bookings are open and excitement is building. How Carnival’s Newest Ship is Coming Along Currently under construction at the Meyer Turku shipyard […]

Fact Check: Are Cruise Ships Safe?

carnival sunshine sailaway

Ask an experienced cruiser if ships are safe, and you’re likely to get an eye roll, a heavy sigh, and maybe info on how many times they’ve sailed without once having encountered an accident, illness, or even a skipped port. However, it’s understandable why first-time cruise passengers would sincerely pose the question given how often […]